How To Buy A Diamond

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Diamond Education takes time and research. Most people don’t bother beyond the basics. Believe it or not, an investment of just 30 minutes in our education tutorials will prepare you with more “quality knowledge” than many workday jewelry salespeople have pursued.

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An Inconvenient Truth

The basics of Diamond Education are written everywhere but in the real world the lines get blurred. Why? Because the “rules” listed for color, clarity and especially cut are broken left and right by labs and sellers. We can assume, by definition, that 90% of all diamonds are in the bottom 90% of all diamond quality. So how is it that every seller can claim to have “the best”?  They employ soft grading and buzzwords.

Soft Grading: Diamonds will be sent to soft/loose labs to receive higher color and clarity grades than they deserve. This gives people a soft/false impression relative to the “rules” listed.  It is compounded by the abundance of popular chain stores and mainstream sellers who employ the practice.

Buzzwords: Labels like “Ideal” or “Signature” are used everywhere as buzzwords to attract shoppers, but they have become meaningless without education and scrutiny, since thousands of sellers are applying soft or random standards.

High Performance Education

Our Diamond Education section takes a unique approach. We openly show the differences between soft and strict grading. We reveal the proof needed to get past “buzzwords” and recognize true cut performance and precision.


Our Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity tutorials show how common grading varies from AGS and GIA standards, how diamonds with above-average cut quality improve in appearance and how true High Performance Diamonds break the rules – in a positive way.

Our Performance Tutorial shows how to measure overall light return, brightness and contrast in diamonds. You will be introduced to the world’s only scientifically adopted system for grading cut performance, the American Gem Society ASET® and its precursor, the Ideal-Scope®.

Our Precision Tutorial shows how to determine optical symmetry (aka “Hearts & Arrows” in round diamonds) which can improve contrast, dispersion and scintillation in diamonds which already enjoy top performance.

At High Performance Diamonds we are dedicated to the top 1% of all diamond cut quality. With over 50 years of combined experience we have sampled and sold practically every “superideal” brand in the world. Our expertise also extends to name-brand designer settings, colored gemstones and projects simple or complex, but our obsession is the world’s most precisely cut, highest performing diamonds.

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