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High Performance Diamonds is a synergy of expertise, dedicated to the top 1% of all diamond cut quality. With over 50 years of combined experience the HP Diamonds staff has sampled and sold practically every “superideal” brand in the world. Our expertise also extends to name-brand designer settings, colored gemstones and projects simple or complex, but our obsession is the world’s most precisely cut, highest performing diamonds. Your gateway to perfection.

Todd Gray and Wink Jones

Wink Jones, Owner - High Performance Diamonds

Wink Jones, Gemologist and Expert Jeweler, has been in the jewelry business since 1970 when he bought his first gemstone for a girlfriend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Within days he was buying & selling gems and his lifelong love affair and study of gemology was started. Wink graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 1975, and has been a proud member of the trade ever since. His unique retail store enjoys a modest setting with extremely low overhead, translating to client benefits in the form of extremely rare, high-performing diamonds from halfway across the world and heirloom quality jewelry at a fraction of traditional retailer markups. Wink is a renowned expert on the subject of diamond cut quality and, more importantly, for being able to explain it in an easy and interesting way. He loves to share his knowledge of diamonds and his first love of extraordinary colored stones continues to this day. Wink has an incredible collection of rare Award Winning gemstones and enjoys access to exceptional and rare gems in addition to a boutique production of the world’s finest cut diamonds. Recently Wink has enjoyed assembling a team of expert studio artists: Richard Homer, world famous in the gem cutting world and Ocean Pearlman, an internationally recognized designer who has worked with Royalty, have teamed together to bring their expertise to greater heights; accenting the strengths of one another to create incredible wearable art. Todd Gray, renowned Diamond Specialist, shares Wink’s daily passion for the world’s top performing diamonds and beautiful settings. Wink also partners with other fine studio artisans to create fabulous custom pieces which make his clients’ hearts sing. Wink is a part-time kayaker and full-time grandfather who takes great joy in working with people to create heirloom quality jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations. He enjoys a reputation as “the expert you can trust,” providing diamonds, gems and jewelry whose beauty will surpass your wildest dreams.  Visit my Blog

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